From each chapter of the book of Numbers:

1:  Know yourself and what you have.

2:  Who is the center of your life?

3:  You, also, have a purpose in the great scheme of things.

4:  Be faithful in the small things – the very small things.

5:  Let God justify you.  That’s all who counts.

6:  Be special in God’s eyes, not more special in other’s eyes.  It’s called holiness.

7:  Consecrate everything to God.  Yup, that too.

8:  Don’t absorb, shine; stop taking, serve.

9:  Focus on His presence and He’ll lead you where you have to be.

10: God will empower you to carry out yourself your own prayers.

11: Count your blessings, even in the most disturbing situations, because the alternative isn’t better.

12: Watch who you criticize, especially God’s chosen – the same may happen to you someday.