Only to such an honor does belong to a multitude of people
so destined for nobility and strength of spirit.
Wisdom of time and His tenacity of will transcend the commonalities of the profane.
Sharing of the divine mind and the intimacy of the destiny
so promised by the Lord of the Heavenly manor
become the rewards to only such children of immortal blood and bone.
Alas, do I desire the day of the dawn
when the morning sun shall arise and millions shall ascend!
Surely the light shall shine again for eternity
and never shall the irises of thine eyes see a silver moon and darkened silhouettes.
Only to such virtue and absence of vice will the scene
of the never-seen sea of glass be envisioned upon.
Without waver, wonders shall never cease as sighs overwhelm the breath
and glory asunders the memories of earthen oceans.
Only to such loved and loving will be granted this privilege.
Only to such preciousness do I aspire.
Only to such has my Lord.